Atomic SMS Service Antispam Policy

We believe SMS messaging is a compelling tool for sending useful and on-demand information, but we are opposed to the sending of unsolicited SMS messages.

Any registered user of Atomic SMS Service can send SMS text messages to his/her friends, family, colleagues, clients, contacts, etc. using our service.

Atomic SMS Service strictly forbids any SPAM messages to be sent to cell phones from our service at any time.

Our Definition of SMS Spam

We consider any unsolicited, unexpected, or unwanted SMS text message sent to the mobile subscriber in order to extort their valuables or to mislead them, or any message originating from someone not authorized to have a user’s mobile number to be SPAM.

Our users specifically agree NOT to use Atomic SMS Service to send SPAM. Their SMS messages must comply with the following principles:

  • No false, invalid, or misleading information in the subject line or the body of a SMS message should be sent using Atomic SMS Service.
  • No SMS must be sent to mobile subscribers without having obtained her/his consent.
  • Text displayed must clearly state or illustrate the service that is offered.
  • Marketing campaigns must clearly identify who is providing the service (originator) and clearly state the expense of the service promoted.

Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement

Any evidence of users not adhering to this anti-spam policy will cause immediate disconnection of user’s scheduled sms messages, suspension of the service, and might also result in freezing of all SMS funds to ensure an immediate end to the violation until the issue has been resolved.

SPAM and Abuse Reporting

Please let us know about any abuse or unwanted/unsolicited messages. In your email, please include your mobile number, the date and time you received the sms, and the contents of the message. Send your report to

Please note, we do not knowingly do business with any company or person that sends unsolicited SMS messages.